Oh What Joy

Being a mom to this little nugget is so much fun.  Every day she becomes more alert, more vocal, and more fun. Sleep training is going much better and I’m getting 4+ hour blocks of sleep at a time now. Parker’s latest obsession is her hands–they are in her mouth all the time.  I’m glad she’s found them since she gave up the pacifier…because that’s really the only thing that soothes her besides my boobs.  I’m not sure if she’s teething or not, but if she is, she’s not overly fussy…just covered in drool is all. 

We’ve been dealing with diaper blowouts on a daily basis–mostly in the middle of the night (and 3am is probably the worst possible time you want your baby to have a blowout).  Anyone have a diaper the swear by at night time that helps prevent blowouts?

Also, baby girl still won’t take a bottle.  I’m going back to work after Christmas and really need this girl to cooperate.  Anyone else deal with this?

Besides that life is grand.  I fall more and more in love with this precious little peanut every single day.  Poop, drool, spit up and all. 

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    HUGGIES OVERNIGHTS … HUGGIES OVERNIGHTS… HUGGIES OVERNIGHTS!!! Just do size three they are AMAZING!!!! Jaida sleeps 13 hours a night in these suckers!!

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    For the diapers I would go up a size, for the bottle advice has your hubby tried giving her a bottle when you are not in the house? Maybe if you leave and he tries it she may take it. On the down side 1 of my daughters refused the bottle no matter who gave it to her or how hungry she was, I am hoping it works out better for you :)

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    For diaper blow outs, as someone else mentioned, going up a size helps a ton. Also, cloth diapers tend to hold in all that poop better for some reason.

    As for a bottle, I sympathize with you. As I have learned, every kid is different. Connor never refused a bottle in his life. Isla won’t take em. We went out of town for our anniversary for three days with Isla was 8 months old…she didn’t take a bottle for almost 24 hours before finally caving. Thankfully at that point she was eating some solids, so I knew she wasn’t starving. I hope you find something that works for Parker.

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    She is just beautiful, Ruthie! So glad you are getting a little more sleep! I wish I had advice on the bottle situation…praying she takes to them soon!

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    Parker is so freaking cute! I just love watching little ones grow up – it seems like it happens so fast! I love that you’re documenting every step of the way, though!