15 Weeks + Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines DayHappy Valentines DayHappy Valentines Day Happy Valentines Day15 weeks pregnant

I don’t really know if I’m 15 or 16 weeks pregnant, but I’ll just go with my first estimated due date so I’m pleasantly surprised if baby #2 arrives early.  This week has been up and down as far as my hyperemesis goes.  I haven’t thrown up this week which is awesome, but I’m still struggling with pretty rough nausea in the evenings.

Since finding out we’re having another little girl, we’ve been pondering names.  I’m pretty sure we have one we’ve settled on, but I want to sit on it a few more weeks before we reveal it to makes sure it’s “the one.”

I’m very clearly pregnant now and have put away all my normal clothes and I’m quite happy to be living in maternity wear.  I’ve actually been wearing maternity jeans since I was 13 weeks pregnant–one thing I learned from my first pregnancy is I waited way too long  before slipping into comfy, stretchy maternity pants.  If you are pregnant and keep putting off buying maternity clothes, I’m telling you, you will be so glad once you finally do.

I’m still suffering sciatic pain which is slowly improving through chiropractic care, but man, sciatic pain is no joke.  Trying to haul around a wiggly 17 month old on top of the extra belly weight is no bueno.  I also just realized my belly is getting in the way of putting Parker to bed.  I’m gonna need to buy a step stool.

7 responses to “15 Weeks + Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. justynlord says:

    love these adorable pics of Parker! And your bump is adorable!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Love these pictures!! I remember at 39 weeks pregnant, I would just sit Taylor on top of my huge belly bump when carrying her around. It actually worked as a nice “seat”!

  3. beth arocha says:

    prker has what we call Armel eyes that beautiful blue that Aunts dorothy and roberta had and my Pop nathaniel armel

  4. Lorie says:

    You look so great! and the pictures of Parker are adorable! Cannot wait to see this little one! Prayers continue for you all! :)

  5. Linnea says:

    Parker is such a darling!!! Happy Valentine’s day to you four! My first due date was the 20th of July and after the ultrasound it moved to the 26th. Like you said, going with the later date has its bonuses. Hope this week brings you health and strength and a continuously growing bump. xo

  6. Parker is SO adorable!! And your bump is pretty cute too!

  7. Faith says:

    Parker is the cutest! Love those pictures of her.

    You look gorgeous. I’m glad you’re doing better :)


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