9 Years Sober

It’s still hard for me to believe the stories I know of Andy’s past.  I never knew that Andy. I met Andy when he was 5 years sober, where he was forced into sharing his story with me on our very  first date. Last Friday marked 9 years of sobriety for my husband.  It’s hard for me to say, “look how far he’s come,” because I’ve only known him as ‘sober Andy.’  Nevertheless, 9 years is a huge accomplishment so I wanted to make the day special. I made evening plans, but because my nausea is worst in the evenings, I decided we should go out to lunch just in case I was too sick to follow through with my plans.  He took off work early and we headed out to the Ruston Way waterfront in Tacoma.  Andy has been working crazy hours over the last couple of months; we’ve been like ships in the night.  It was wonderful to drive hand in hand, headed to a beautiful lunch without any time constraints.  And because it’s my husband, I didn’t snap a single picture (because he hates my phone being the 3rd wheel on our dates). But it was a wonderful lunch with a gorgeous view.

As the evening approached I felt like I could pull through with my plans.  Andy hates surprises.  I wanted to surprise him but I also didn’t want him to be mad at me, so I made it a very small surprise.  My husband loves Chuck E. Cheese, LOVES it.  Before we had Parker, him and his buddies would just go for fun.  I told him that made him and his friends look creepy.

9 years soberI invited two of his buddies and their wives to “surprise” him when we arrived.  I made him close his eyes on the drive there, but somehow he guessed where we were headed and was so excited I was actually going to Chuck E. Cheese with him.  AND he didn’t get mad when he saw his buddies waiting for us.

9 years sober

He was most excited to give Parker the tour.  I envision a ton of future daddy daughter dates here.  I remember loving this place as a kid; it’s very different coming back as an adult, however.  My husband truly is a kid at heart, which is why I guess he still loves the place, and why he stayed to play games while the wives all left to put the kiddos to bed.

Oh how I love that man!  Happy 9 years baby!

11 responses to “9 Years Sober”

  1. wow, nine years IS a huge accomplishment! congratulations on that!

  2. congrats to andy. that is something to be so incredibly proud of!!

  3. Catherine says:

    What an amazing thing to celebrate. Congrats to you all :) xo

  4. Sarah says:

    I’ve never commented but just wanted to say how awesome it is that you make a day of it and truly *celebrate* it – because it is so worth celebrating!

  5. amazing! happy 9 years to him!

  6. Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] says:

    It’s such a blessing to be sober. Congrats, Andy, I’m happy for Ruthy, Parker, and baby #2 that you decided to give your life to Jesus and get healthy.

  7. Jill B. says:

    Congrats, Andy!

  8. justynlord says:

    This is such an amazing feat! I know too many people that are struggling with being sober and there’s no doubt in my mind that having an amazing wife, beautiful daughter, and another on the way – have helped your hubby stay strong! Speaking of expecting I’m having a giveaway to PinkBlush Maternity that you should check out!

  9. Kyah says:

    he LOVES chuck e cheese!! That was my biggest take-away from this post! Andy…you cray! Anyway, congrats on 9 years!

  10. So happy for him and for you that he’s still sober and doing well. He’s a different man! In a good way. What a sweet surprise. It really is the little things!! And a bunch of men at Chuck E Cheese just ’cause. I agree-I’d probably find that very creepy.

  11. Congrats on 9 years, Andy! My husband also doesn’t like when my phone is the 3rd wheel or surprises…except I think he wouldn’t mind if the surprise was more intimate like this with a few of our favorite people.


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