Birthday Gatherings and Budding Friendships

Last weekend one of Parker’s closest friends turned one!  Me and the other moms just laughed at how different “parties” were now that we all have little ones.  It truly is so much fun watching these kiddos grow up together and imagining them having slumber parties together and supporting each other in school.

friends2I couldn’t help swooning over these two.  Conor is just a few weeks older than Parker, and me and Conor’s mother have pre-arranged their nuptials.

I mean, does it get any cuter?

3 responses to “Birthday Gatherings and Budding Friendships”

  1. Carly @ peace and love says:

    Oh my that kills me! Have you picked out a venue, too?!

  2. carlybrydon says:

    OH my gosh, these are adorable!

  3. That has got to be the cutest thing ever!!


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