The burst of energy usually associated with the second trimester decided to skip me.  In it’s place is sheer, unadulterated, exhaustion.  I know most women suffer major exhaustion their first trimester of pregnancy; and with my first pregnancy, I never experienced it.  With this pregnancy, I was pretty  much bedridden my first trimester, and now that I can function like a normal human, I’m plagued with fatigue so strong I feel like I’m in a constant haze.  On top of that is a comeback of my nausea, and  a wound up 17 month old in the throws of a typical Pacific Northwest winter (rain, cold, rain, and yes, more rain).  It’s almost as if I can see steam escaping from Parker’s head from being cooped up inside; this poor child has energy that needs to escape her little body and my poor attempts to engage with her in my zombie like state only results in frustration on both ends. Plus, I’m so not the creative mom type, I seriously lack the ability to come up with fun activities, hence, tupperware.   pregnancy exhaustionI’ve never been one to nap when baby naps, in fact, I’m not a napper.  I usually cannot fall asleep under any circumstances during the day.  Except now.  Now I find myself dozing off while Parker runs amuck…the other day I woke up to her standing on the coffee table peering over me yelling at me because she wanted to jump from the table in to my arms on the couch.   The issue I’m facing is Parker just recently transitioned to one nap, and those naps are averaging 45 minutes to an hour.  That’s it.  Nap time is when I usually try to take care of household duties.  But I’m neglecting everything, napping when Parker naps, and I still wake up feeling like I’ve been drugged.

If my parents or inlaws are reading…this is an open invitation, you are welcome to visit and stay as long as you’d like.  Just throwing it out there.

10 responses to “Exhaustion”

  1. Ali says:

    I’m sorry you’re so tired. If it means anything, I have a nearly 12 month old that is teething and we were up every single hour of the night last night, so I feel like a complete zombie today too.

  2. Gah – you can’t catch a break, can you? I’m sorry this pregnancy has been beyond words tough.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I’m SO sorry this pregnancy has been so rough on you! I commented on your IG a little bit ago as I am struggling with HG too although it’s my first pregnancy. I just created a blog if you have any interest in reading, and hopefully will be posting gentle prenatal yoga exercises on it soon! (I’m a yoga instructor.) Sending you positive vibes you feel relief soon! (jacquelinesimmons.wordpress.com)

  4. Makaila says:

    Ruthy, are there any near by child care options available? It might be a good thing for Parker to get some energy out and for you to be able to rest. Not sure what age they start taking kids, but Tristen went to Waldorf which offers home like class rooms, it was AMAZING.

  5. Jessica G. says:

    Being pregnant with a toddler is rough. I said it was easier working full time while pregnant than chasing after a toddler while pregnant. There is just no downtime to give yourself real rest. I hope you get some rest soon.

  6. carlybrydon says:

    Oh man, that is NOT a lot of nap time!!!!

  7. Poor thing. I need my sleep badly!! I’ve played with my nephew through a tired haze before and that was hard enough, but I can’t imagine trying to do it 24/7.

  8. LibraDesignEye says:

    Love is so amazing as it carries us farther than we thought we could go. I pray for your strength and I suggest that music will help your little one – it doesn’t have to be kid music, mama, you can play the things that will soothe you most. It will just help give her a little rhythm to the day and bring down the stress level of everyone . . . I want to commend you for writing so frankly. There is not a mother alive who has not experienced the sort of exhaustion and inability to respond to her children . . but we don’t usually confess so honestly, which would help others learn from our experiences. When I was very, very pregnant and tired with a toddler, the music clue helped my son feel that there was a little life going on (even tho it wasn’t from mom) and he would bounce around, happier. The same way that happy music or soothing music can do a lot for us. So there’s my first clue. Seeing babe with all the tupperware reminded me of another “game” (cause I’m not a crafty type either) where you get out your plastic measuring cups and a big bowl and even a sieve/colander over another pan and you open a big bag of rice and let them sit on the floor and pour that rice from this bowl to that bowl / through the colander / make a big production just of stirring, pouring dipping, . . . at this age, it will entertain her for 45 minutes and thrill her. And she will be ready to do it again the next day. . . so that’s the best I’ve got for you in my memory banks .. take heart, when you are a grandmother you will be young enough to do this stage again in a different kind of memory haze. . . and I’m so excited that you’ll be getting a little girl! (mom of 3 boys sez)

  9. anlundstrom says:

    I don’t have sever morning sickness and I have been exhausted this pregnancy too. so I can’t imagine how bad it must be for you. I had like a week of extra energy and then it seems to have gone away again…


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