Connecting Social Media with Real Life :: A Mama Meetup

#253mamameetup at Star Center#253mamameetup at Star CenterYes, I know people are confused because I describe myself as an introvert.  I NEED and CRAVE alone time; that’s how I recharge.  But I do enjoy meeting new people and hosting get togethers.  I’ve found being a stay at home mom can be terribly isolating.  Being alone with a baby or toddler does not equal alone time.  Day after day it can equal insanity.  Perhaps it’s just the temperament of my child, but I have  to get out of the house on a daily basis, otherwise we both go crazy.  However, living in the PNW, the weather prevents us from enjoying the outdoors quite often.  (I’m sure my daughter would have no problem gallivanting in the pouring rain, but I am not of fan of rain and cold).

My sanity over the past few months has been saved by a local indoor play area at the Tacoma Star Center.  I’m usually there at least 3 times a week.  A pass for your kiddo is only $10 a month for unlimited play–and they have wonderful childcare workers if you want to step out into the lounge and read a book, or make a phone call, or just get a little reprieve from your crazy sweet child.

Every time I meet a new mom I tell them about this place because it’s seriously awesome.  I did it so often I thought it would be fun to just organize a mama meetup so our kids could run around and we could actually have conversations with other adults.  I chatted with the supervisors of the space and they were happy to accommodate.

I’ve attended “tweet-ups” and Instagram meetups in the past and they are really a lot of fun.  It took very little planning or preparation. I just picked a time and date and shared it on Instagram.  Within 2 days RSVP’s were at capacity and there was a wait list!  If you don’t have a circle of BFF’s who live near you as an adult, I think authentic connection is a deep rooted desire and need we have as women that has to get filled!  It’s hard to make new friends as an adult and I’ve found that I really have to put myself out there to connect with other women.  And you know what, I’ve found that the women I’ve reached out to are just as eager to connect as I am.

Social media can be negative and a comparison tool, but for me, it’s been a real way to connect with women literally around the world.  But it’s just that much more fun when you can actually meet those faces you follow  online, in real life, and in your own community!

Have you gone a local meetup before or have you hosted one?  Feel free to share any tips!

4 responses to “Connecting Social Media with Real Life :: A Mama Meetup”

  1. That place looks heavenly and so cheap! I wish we had something like that in Buffalo.

    Also, great job on the meetup! :)

  2. What a fabulous place! $10 a month for all of that!! What a great idea to host a meet up. My sister takes my nephew to a place called kid biz. I don’t know if there is a monthly option but it’s like a drop in daycare. It’s nice to have an option like that when you don’t have family around to watch the kiddo if you want to run errands or just need a break.

  3. LibraDesignEye says:

    Wonderful that you are feeling well now and can get out and about. Sympathy is not overrated and mothers all have been pregnant and want to help you feel your best. Checked in because all my links on the pool post seemed kind of alternative (motherjones anyone?) so here it is in the mainstream . . .–More-Beauty–No-Chemicals
    At least one of the photos is a converted pool . .

    • Ruthy Taylor says:

      The natural pools are so interesting! I think the problem is that in Washington, even in the summer you need your pool heated. :( So if we were to keep it we would definitely need it heated.


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