When Summer Died Before It Began

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

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Taylor PoolpoolpoolWell, it’s pretty much official, we’re gonna have to get rid of our pool.  If I wasn’t going to be 9 months pregnant during the peak of summer I probably wouldn’t be so upset about it.  But I was really  looking forward to my giant belly, and swollen ankles floating along in the privacy of my own backyard this summer.  But the reality is, it’s a total money pit and our pool heater caught on fire last fall, and  this winter the pipes burst, and  none of it’s salvageable.  Plus having a pool in Washington where you can only get one really good month out of it doesn’t make much sense.

I know it’s completely logical to get rid of the pool.  But pregnant ladies aren’t always rational, and after getting the quote to replace everything I pretty much sat in a corner and sulked.  We likely will just drain it and fill it in next year because we still have 792 other house projects in the queue.  But because I like to daydream, I scoured pinterest for ideas of how we could create a killer outdoor area and tried to convince my husband to spend thousands of dollars on replacing the pool with something like this:

backyard deck{Via}outdoor deck{Via}

Ahhhhh…well, maybe next year.  Or the year after that…or after we finish the other 792 house projects.

6 Responses to “When Summer Died Before It Began”

  1. I really want a pool too, but with Buffalo summers only being a few months long, I just can’t justify the costs either. But those decks are pretty stellar!

  2. Faith says:

    aww, that stinks. I’m sorry to hear that but it’s the right decision. and what you may be able to replace the pool with looks awesome!

  3. Diana says:

    Those other options look amazing! They are money pits.

  4. Libradesigneye says:

    ruthie – here’s a wild idea. . before you give up and tear it out, for one summer at least, experiment with a natural swimming pool – i think i see a broad shallow area perfect for the plants it requires – (okay, i know the beverly hillbilly jokes about a cement pond – but think about it – when we were kids we swam in all kinds of water wthout chemicals) http://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/natural-swimming-pool-zmaz02aszgoe.aspx#axzz2zklupCaV
    you might not fillit up all the way and you will have to be very vigilant about swimming diapers but . . . it might get you wet when it is hot and you are weary for not too much – start watching craigslist for free planters / horse troughs . .

  5. Jessica G. says:

    Aww, that sucks. Oh homeownership, there is always something to fix or do, right?!

  6. Jess S. says:

    Aww, man! That’s such a bummer. Those decks are awesome though! How about I chip in half for your deck, then we host dinner parties that make money somehow, then we pay for my backyard to look awesome. I’ll start brainstorming fancy invitations now! ;)


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