39 Weeks

39 Weeks PregnantI was pretty convinced I was going to go into labor last night–the same day Andy had his vasectomy.  I had contractions that kept me up most of the night, but nothing super painful or regular.  I made a trip to visit my midwife yesterday because I’ve had more “fluids” this time around than last.  The end of this pregnancy is happening very differently from my pregnancy with Parker.  I didn’t have a single contraction with Parker until the day I went into labor.  I didn’t have weird discharge, and my ‘bloody show’ arrived the morning I went into labor as well.  It was pretty clear cut with nothing concerning.

This time around I’ve had contractions for weeks, blood tinged discharge, extra fluid which I feared might be amniotic fluid leaking (my appointment yesterday confirmed it was not).  But I’m still bleeding and I’m not sure how normal that is at this stage.  Yesterday the midwife confirmed all is normal and I was 60% effaced and 2 cm dilated.  Ideally this baby will hold on until Friday, but I’m convinced she’s coming in the next 24 hours…I feel like my body is doing everything to bring her except having regular contractions.

I’ve been keeping myself busy by doing things like cleaning my floors, windows, doing laundry, and deep cleaning my kitchen.  It’s very strange how my body won’t let me sit down and just rest.

However, I did not feel like moving my washer and dryer and scrambling to clean the floors because my washer decided to flood the laundry room last night…which trickled down into our newly remodeled basement bathroom.  My husband of course was unable to move because of his vasectomy…so I ran over to my neighbors house and he graciously helped clean up.  I’m too nervous to even go downstairs into the basement this morning to assess the damage.  So I’ll just let my husband deal with that once his ‘boys’ are healed up.  In the mean time, I’ll just be here–peeing every 5 minutes and finding dust bunnies to clean up.

Hopefully my next post will include Pippa Grace!

6 responses to “39 Weeks”

  1. I hope for your sake and sanity the baby comes sooner rather than later and you have a very easy birth! best of luck!

  2. Kara says:

    When I got to work this morning and there was no post-I thought for sure you were in labor or had Pippa!!! Hopefully she waits until Friday for you guys! I will be praying for you guys! Good luck! :)

  3. Oh my gosh the home stretch. Hopefully he’ll be mostly recovered by the time she arrives. Maybe she just wants to make sure everyone is ready for her? : )

  4. Lindsay says:

    This end of pregnancy is completely different for me too. With my daughter I had already had her by this point for one thing and I had been experiencing braxton hicks contractions for weeks and mucus discharge and extra fluids as well. This time around it’s been so different and only in the past few days have I really started to experience much.

  5. libradesigneye says:

    Sending good energy, thoughts and faithful prayer for you and your family and the new little one, whenever she decides to arrive. A good time to recall that it is actually the baby’s hormones that tell the mother’s body when to start labor .. one rule of thumb is to expect the second labor to take about half as long as the first . . so don’t wait too long to go to the hospital!

    Blessings to all the taylors . . . .

  6. Niki says:

    That is great that everything is normal, but it’s crazy how things can vary so much from pregnancy to pregnancy! Such an exciting time! I’ll be thinking of you this week!


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