Pippa Grace’s Birth Story :: Part 1

Birth Story Part 1I wanted to write down the story before too much time passed and the little details of Pippa’s birth story are still fresh in my heart and mind.  We had a rough couple of days leading up to the day she was born and suddenly I was hoping and praying she would come on her due date (or even later) so we could deal with some of our circumstances. Her due date was actually yesterday, Monday July 28th, but she arrived Friday July 25 at 9:02 am.

I don’t want to dwell on the circumstances happening around Pippa’s birth, but I want to write them down so I remember exactly what we overcame.  In my postpartum emotional state, it seems rough, but I know we will eventually laugh about it all–right?  I pretty much had checked most of the important things off my nesting list; On Tuesday morning (July 22nd) Andy went in for his scheduled vasectomy.  Just to clarify, we did not originally schedule his vasectomy on this date, his urologist had an emergency and this was the soonest we could get him rescheduled.  Vasectomy recovery is typically a few days so we were just praying Pippa would hold out till at least Friday so Andy could be mostly recovered.  The night of his procedure our washing machine decided it was a good time to flood the laundry room, which of course leaked into our newly remodeled basement.  I panicked and called Andy into the laundry room and of course he moved the washer and dryer (you’re not supposed to move or lift ANYTHING for 3 days).  I told him to get back into bed and I ran over to our neighbor who helped me clean up the mess.

It wasn’t the end of the world, but for a nesting mama who wanted her house “just so” before the baby arrived, I was pretty upset.  Earlier that day I had gone to see my midwife because I was concerned my water had broke–it felt like I had a slow leak.  Everything turned out just fine–I found out I was 60% effaced and 2 cm dilated.  So I went home just praying Pippa would stay put.

By Wednesday my contractions had faded a bit and my “leaking situation” had stopped so I was pretty hopeful that baby girl was going to hang tight for a few more days.  Andy was in more pain than he was the day before but after chatting with a few of his friends they all confirmed that was fairly normal, so we didn’t worry too much about it.  But then in the middle of the night Andy woke up drenched in sweat and was clearly in excruciating pain. On Thursday morning he could barely move so I convinced him to see the Dr.  It was a pretty funny sight watching a 39 1/2 week pregnant woman wheeling a guy in a wheel chair through the hospital.  The Dr. examined Andy and didn’t seem to be concerned, he just gave him stronger pain meds.

Thursday I woke up and felt a lot more leaking.  I was positive I wasn’t peeing myself, but at no point was it clear that my water had actually broke.  My contractions were a bit stronger but there was no regularity to them at all.  I was starting to get concerned that if my water did have a slow leak that I was at a higher risk for an infection, so I called my midwife and she said I should come to the hospital to get checked.  I showed up around 730 pm and she confirmed my water did in fact rupture and I was experiencing a slow leak.  My choices at that time were to stay at the hospital and start pitocin right away to start laboring asap, or I could go home and hope my body would start to labor naturally but I had to come back  by 6am because that’s when my water breaking would hit the 24 hour mark and they would have to start me on pitocin regardless.  I opted to go home–it was about 9pm.  By midnight we arrived back at the hospital (driven by a dear sweet friend).  They had to wheel both me and my husband up to the room because my poor guy was still in terrible pain and couldn’t walk.  My contractions were starting to hurt but they were still averaging about 8-10 minutes apart. I was hoping my body would naturally just get where it needed to be by 6am; unfortunately it didn’t and we started the pitocin at around 530am.

To be continued…




6 responses to “Pippa Grace’s Birth Story :: Part 1”

  1. Wow, I can’t imagine dealing with all of that at once! You are indeed a super mom Ruthy and the baby is so beautiful!

  2. Sharon Steel says:

    Thank you for sharing! Look forward to part 2 and photos of the little one!

  3. Jodi says:

    can’t wait for part 2..

  4. Wow, sounds like quite the week before baby! Can’t wait to hear part 2, and a big congrats to your family, Pippa is darling.

  5. Lorie McCracken says:

    What? You’re leaving us hanging!! Glad to see Pippa’s here! She’s beautiful & you guys are gonna have so much fun!

  6. Kaara says:

    Awe I love birth stories!
    You’re a champ mama!
    I’m so happy you have a new beautiful baby girl! I saw you in her face right away 😉 such pretty little gals you have!
    Hope everyone is recovering well!
    Xo kaara


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