Pippa Grace’s Birth Story :: Part 2

birth storyRead Part 1 of Pippa Grace’s birth story here.  

I was disappointed that my body wasn’t going into labor on it’s own.  When I went into labor with Parker, everything happened like clockwork, so I kind of thought the same would happen with Pippa, just faster.  But this was exactly why I only had 2 expectations on my birth plan for Pippa–get an epidural and come home with a baby.

After about an hour my contractions were speeding up and the pain was intense enough that I told the nurse I wanted the epidural asap.  My labor with Parker progressed so quickly that I didn’t get the epidural until I was dilated to 9 cm and and there was no way I wanted to go through that kind of pain again.  I believe it was somewhere between 7 and 8am when I got the epidural and I was relieved the pain of my contractions slowly faded.  I was hoping to get some sleep as it had been almost 24 hours since I last slept.  As I started to doze off I felt very intense pressure that I didn’t remember feeling with Parker.  I asked the midwife why I could feel so much pressure with the epidural, so she checked me and I was 100% effaced and fully dilated. She said it was time to push.  WHAT?! I couldn’t believe it; I had just gotten the epidural.  I was only in active labor for a few hours.  I was so shocked I just started to cry out of pure exhaustion and emotion…this baby girl was coming and everything was about to change.  Was I ready?!  Andy was wheeled up next to my bed to hold my hand as the nurses and midwives prepared for me to push.  Here we go!

I went through just 3 rounds of pushing in less than 10 minutes and before I knew it sweet Pippa Grace was on my chest, skin to skin, and the tears of joy just flooded out.  It all happened so fast.  She latched minutes later like a champ and I just stared at this beautiful baby girl with a full head of hair.  She was 7 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inches…perfect in every way.  birth storybirth storybirth storybirth storybirth story

We became a family of 4 on July 25, 2014 at 9:02 am.

I would also like to report that we were blessed with the news that Pippa passed all the basic screening exams perfectly and there didn’t seem to be any problems with her hips!  I was incredibly relieved that I would be going home with a 100% healthy baby.  My husband on the other hand was admitted to the hospital shortly after Pippa was born.  That’s an entirely different post, but in the mean time, while Andy is being treated and is away from us, I’m so, so grateful for all of your prayers, support and encouragement.  It’s been a difficult transition without him, but by the grace of God, my wonderful inlaws, and amazing friends, we’re getting through it day by day.  

14 responses to “Pippa Grace’s Birth Story :: Part 2”

  1. Kara says:

    Congrats!!! She is absolutley beautiful!!! Way to go Mama!!!! :)

  2. Jodi says:

    Congrats! She is beautiful.

  3. Courtney says:

    The look on Parker’s face as she is peeking at her baby sis is completely heart melting oh my word.

  4. OMG, your poor family!! But at the same time your lucky family because that new baby is beautiful and healthy!! Congrats. I’m glad it came nice and quick. I think you earned some kind of relief after what you went through in the beginning.

  5. Faith says:

    You know things don’t always go perfectly (or as we plan) but then in the end it always is. Makes no sense but it always does in the end! Congratulations! She is so beautiful.

  6. Uh, I just hate that Andy is having troubles! You’re such a brave mama taking this all in strides and finding time to blog it all! Pippa is beautiful – her name suites her sweet face just perfectly! xoxo

  7. aw, beautiful family! she’s just beautiful. hoping Andy is back to 100% soon too!

  8. I feel so emotional reading this knowing that it will be my turn in a few weeks! Congratulations!

  9. congrats time 1000! She is here and she is healthy and perfect. That is the best news ever!! And I’m pretty sure she looks a lot different than her older sister so I’m already DYING to see them grow up together!

  10. Congratulations!! She is beautiful :) And I hope your husband has a speedy recovery!

  11. Niki says:

    Congrats on your beautiful (and healthy!) baby girl! She is precious! And you look great!

  12. LibraDesignEye says:

    Prayers for both Andy and Momma to heal thoroughly. You have a little angel there – hope that the availability of more medical input helped Andy discover he did deserve medical attention sooner than otherwise and he can thank Pippa for that . . hang in there. Hope your family is riding to the rescue . . . know your friends and church must be. In a similar situation, I learned with two little ones, it is okay to ask and take help. That is the way that grace can work its magic . . .allow grace to fill your life with small blessings.

  13. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful story, even through all the craziness! And God was right there with ya the whole way through! Pippa is the sweetest and so pretty. Gorgeous you!

  14. Jenny Reid says:

    Ooooohhhhhh!!!! Soooo happy things were effortless after your pregnancy. All wonderful news!!!! Love all the pics. Miss you terribly! Happy Andy’s home…sheesh! What an ordeal, eh? Love you beautiful, Jenny


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