Pippa Grace :: 9 Weeks Old

9 Weeks Old

This past week was the first time we've had a couple of rough nights with Pippa.  One in particular which kept Andy and I up all night and all morning.  I had never had a night like that with Parker, so it kind felt like a right of passage as a parent that we overcame.  Apparently mass quantities of onions don't agree with my sweet girl.  I had a bowl of extra onion-y french onion soup one night and I felt so, so terrible for being the reason my daughter was writhing in pain and screaming and crying for hours on end.  So onions are on the avoid list along with milk. Besides a couple of rough nights, she's doing wonderfully well and is as cute as can be.  She discovered her hands last week, still hates tummy time, likes to wake up from a long nap to fuss right as we sit down for dinner, and has the sweetest coos and smiles ever.  She's just about perfect. ... [ Read More ]

4moms rockaRoo Review

4moms rockaRoo

When it comes to gadgets for babies, 4moms has really hit the mark.  Their products are beautiful, well designed, functional, and intuitive.  I have 5 products from 4moms and I haven't had to pour over the instruction manual to figure out how to use them or put them together.  When the rockaRoo came in the mail I pulled it out of the box and put it together in just a couple of minutes.  I glanced at the instruction manual just to make sure I put it together correctly, (I had), plopped Pippa in it and the girl had a smile a mile wide. And minutes later she was snoozing.  Um....heck yeah!  What I love so much about the rockaRoo (besides the obvious ability to rock my sweet girl to sleep within minutes) is how small and light it is.  I also have a swing (from a different brand) that I got when I was pregnant with Parker, but it's enormous.  My husband and I keep moving it because it takes up so much space in our living room.  It also creeks with each swing...it drives me absolutely ... [ Read More ]

The Fair

The Washington State Fair

We had so much fun at the Washington State Fair this year we had to go twice!  The first two years we took Parker she was too young to get excited about it.  This year she LOVED it.  There is so much joy experiencing things through the eyes of your kids...she looked at everything and kept saying "Woah!"  She rode the carousel 3 times, rode the train, and went down a giant slide (with me) once. Andy and I jokingly talked about totally understanding why parents take their kids to Disneyland when they are so young.  You're heart just bursts seeing your kids so excited. You should've seen her eat funnel cake. We won't be going to Disney any time soon however...good thing the fair comes along every year!  You can find a few photos of us at the fair last year, here. ... [ Read More ]

Pippa Grace :: 2 Months Old

2 months old

I really do love this teeny tiny stage of babyhood.  I'm realizing as I read through posts I wrote about Parker how different certain things are.  With Parker's hip dysplasia, she wore a harness that prevented me from really snuggling and holding her.  I remember feeling like that was taken from me.  And on a completely superficial level, I wasn't able to dress her up because of the harness.  I couldn't even bathe her when she was covered in spit up. So I feel like I really appreciate all these little simple things that most people don't think twice about...like a sweet smelling babe just after a bath.  I'm so glad to be able to experience all these things the second time around. Pippa is giving us beautiful gummy smiles, sleeping great at night, and really only gets fussy in the evening (typical witching hours).  She's most content in my arms...and honestly, I'm pretty content with that too. Last week I pulled out all her 3-6 month clothing because she's already too long for ... [ Read More ]

A Peek Into Our Guest Bedroom

Saranoni Blanket

We've been (very) slowly working on updating the upstairs portion of the house.  The main guestroom upstairs was comprised of a random hodgepodge of mismatched pieces and furniture. This summer we finally painted over the dingy shiplap walls and bought a new bed and new nightstands.  It's purposely simple; but I did add a touch of luxury with this beautiful Saranoni Blanket.   I can say with 100% certainty that I've never touched a softer blanket. And I love the beautiful swirl details on the opposite side of the blanket.  There is a gorgeous selection of colors and sizes to choose from, and I'm convinced that no other blanket can live up to the Saranoni blanket. It seriously feels sooooooooooo heavenly, and every night the blanket ends up on the couch, with  my husband and I snuggled up in it once the kids are in bed. Parker, Pippa and I usually end up playing up in the guest room on the bed because 1) It's one of the only clean rooms in the house 2) Parker is constantly ... [ Read More ]

Joy Bound


T-shirt & Clutch :: c/o JoyBound Apparel // Skirt :: CABI // Shoes :: TOMS I have a confession.  It's been awhile since I've referenced my faith.  And it's pretty much because since Parker (my oldest) was born, my spiritual life has been pretty non existent.  I feel like I've been going through the motions for the last 2 years but not engaging.  I had a sort of epiphany in church last week when our pastor was telling a story from the book of Phillipians and I looked over at my husband and said, "why don't I remember this portion of the story?" I realized that in the past 2 years I've spent very minimal time in the word. I was convicted.  Especially since Pippa was born.  Managing a newborn and a 2 year old has been challenging to say the least.  This last week with Parker having croup I thought I was going to lose my mind.  Being cooped up in the house for a week because your wild toddler is contagious was no fun for any of us. So I started doing the unthinkable--waking up ... [ Read More ]

Pippa Grace // 7 Weeks Old

7 Weeks Old

Pippa survived her sister's first illness.  Parker had croup last week and I was praying that Pippa's immune system would fight off Parker's germs, and so far so good. Pippa is a pretty great sleeper; she usually wakes up between 2-3 am and then again sometime between 5-7am.  But two days last week she actually slept a full straight 8 hours and gave me 2 amazing nights of sleep.  She didn't continue that pattern, but man, I'm grateful I got those stretches! Her life pretty much consists of surviving her sisters "gentle" (but we all know they are the farthest thing from gentle) touches and kisses.  I've had to start buckling her in to everything because a couple of times I've come out of the bathroom and witnessed Parker trying to "hold" her sister. She loves to be worn, held all day, and have her fuzzy head rubbed.  Her eyes are still blue, and the tips of her brown hair are blonde...and her eyebrows are white.  She's been generous with her smiles this week which make my heart ... [ Read More ]

Pippa Grace // 6 Weeks Old

6 Weeks Old

Things are crazy in the Taylor household right now.  I've been up since 430am because Parker has croup and Pippa woke up for her last feeding at this time and I couldn't go back to sleep hearing poor Parker wheezing and coughing. Everything at this stage really is a blur.  I had to look back at my last post of Pippa to see how old she was this week.  I also had to randomly choose photos I took of her throughout the week because I honestly haven't had time to take a series of them and edit them.  I know this transition of a newborn and a toddler is just a season, but man, it just got real when Parker got sick.  I'm praying Pippa has enough immunity to keep the virus at a distance. Pippa is in the, "please hold me and never let me go," stage.  Unfortunately so is my 2 year old.  I'd like to grow another pair of arms temporarily. But I do have to stay I'm desperately in love with this sweet little 6 week old with a mohawk.  Her little emerging smiles brighten up my ... [ Read More ]

Parker Penny Turns 2!

2 Years old

In the Korean culture, the first birthday is a huge deal.  I wanted to honor my mother by hosting a semi traditional first birthday for Parker and I'll do the same for Pippa when she turns one.  But I prefer to keep things small and simple.  This year there was no party or decor...I didn't really plan anything.  I just wanted to have a fun day out with her and surprise her with a cupcake after dinner. Because in Parker's mind a cupcake is just about the best thing on the planet. We spent the morning playing with a couple of friends and  then I was planning on taking her to play in the park after her nap, but instead of a nap we were surprised with vomit, snot and coughs.  Needless to say the evening was pretty miserable for both of us.  The cupcake I asked my husband to pick up at the grocery store on his way home from work sat on the counter until the following evening. I'm not against fancy parties--especially if you're wired that way.  I'm not wired that way.  I think I have ... [ Read More ]

Toddlers Don’t Get Bored

Gymboree and the world of Eric Carle

My  husband was telling me he recently read an article on boredom and how creativity is born from boredom, and now that we all have access to technology 24/7, we never have to experience boredom and creativity is stalled.  Instead of sitting in the waiting room at the Dr.'s office and letting our mind wander, we scroll through Facebook, Instagram or countless other apps.  I'm definitely guilty of this and I'm trying to be a lot more aware of how often I'm on my phone. Toddlers however don't get bored.  Their imaginations run wild and free and it's so fun to see their excitement over seemingly simple and mundane things and watch creativity just happen. I think it has a lot to do with books--because in books you have talking animals, purple cats, magic spells, and fairy godmothers. Everyone probably has at least one of Eric Carle's iconic children's books.  Parker's 2 favorite's are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? And The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  So I was excited to find ... [ Read More ]