I’m So Fancy

Maternity Fashion

Dress :: c/o Eve of Eden // Bag :: c/o Lily Jade // Hat :: Thrifted // Shoes :: BCBG (old) I'm actually not fancy.  Especially not at 5 weeks postpartum.  However, this amazing LBD from Eve of Eden Maternity is making me feel pretty fancy and fantastic. YOU GUYS...this is a maternity/nursing dress.  Even if I wasn't for nursing I'd love it.  It hides all my postpartum-ness and is perfect to dress up or down.  You can definitely count on me wearing this even after I stop nursing. You can't really go wrong with a cotton shirt dress; there are endless ways to dress it up or down.  A cute hat hides the hair that hasn't been washed for over a week (seriously, a toddler and a newborn is no joke).  And with leggings and a jacket it will be ideal for fall...but right now it's perfect as is for this end of summer/beginning of fall weather. If you're in the market for fashionable maternity and/or nursing wear, you can save $10 on any purchase over $60 at Eve of Eden with the promo code: ... [ Read More ]

A PNW Summer

PNW Summer

I've always liked the heat.  I hated the Pacific Northwest when I first moved here.  I was always freezing plus I'm not a fan of the rain.  Now that I've lived here for 4 years, I've mostly acclimated and really do love it--especially the summer, and I'm not ready for the summer to be over.  Soon enough it will be dark at 4pm and I'll be going stir crazy trying to entertain an active toddler indoors. While everyone else excitedly pulls out their boots, scarves and peacoats, I'll be sitting here on my pool floatie, mourning the end of my tan and dirty bare toddler feet. Are you looking forward to the fall or are you wanting summer to stay? ... [ Read More ]

Embracing Your Postpartum Body

Postpartum Shopping

For any of you first time moms out there, it might come as a shock to realize you'll still be wearing your maternity clothes for awhile after you have the baby.  (Unless of course you're just one of those super blessed women that snaps back to her pre-pregnancy weight days after you pop out the baby).  For the 99.9% of you that don't fall into that category, don't worry, you're not alone. Maybe because I'm 36 and not 26, but I really don't care if I don't drop all my pregnancy weight.  Of course I'd like to, but I'm not obsessed with my body image the way I was when I was younger.  I've battled weight and body image issues most of my life; ironically, it was my first pregnancy (when I put on almost 50 pounds) that somehow transformed how I looked and thought about my body.  Growing a human is a pretty powerful thing, and after birthing one, I gained a new respect for this body which I used to loathe.  After my first pregnancy, I did end up losing the weight I put on after about a ... [ Read More ]

Pippa Grace // 1 Month Old

One Month Old

It's so true what they say about time with kids.  The days feel long but the weeks and months fly by.  This feels like the longest/shortest month ever. When people ask me how I'm doing, I feel like I can honestly say I'm doing great.  I feel really lucky so far.  We definitely had a rough start with life circumstances, but life can always throw you a curve ball.  I still, no matter how hard our day might have been, cling on to the fact that I have a healthy baby--I honestly go to bed so grateful. Pippa is such a joy.  So far she's an incredibly easy going baby. Although, Parker was too at this age according to her one month update.  And now Parker is as spirited and active as they come! Have you missed Pippa's weekly updates?  You can catch up here: 3 weeks old 2 weeks old 1 week old    ... [ Read More ]

Why I Might Be Late

Why Mom's Are Late

I nursed Pippa before we left.  Seconds later we were both covered in projectile spit up.  Dang it. I had actually put some effort into what I was going to wear that morning.  I changed us both and put her in her car seat. I was already 10 minutes late and Parker was still in her pajamas because she won the "get your toddler dressed in the morning war." Seriously, does anyone else feel it would be easier to wrangle a pig covered in Crisco while blindfolded than dressing a two year old?   While earnestly trying to get Parker into the car she decided she needed to bring all her things. Normally she just needs her "lovey," but this morning she had to have her lovey, blankie, baby doll, hat, snacks, and she needed both water and milk.  As she climbed into her car seat and I locked Pippa's car seat in the base, Pippa projectile vomited again.  Are you kidding me?!? I lugged the car seat back into the house, pulled her out and changed her for the second time.  I felt like I needed to ... [ Read More ]

Pippa Grace // 3 Weeks Old

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Second born children (and those thereafter I'm assuming) totally get the shaft.  I remember how meticulous and attentive I was after Parker was born.  Pacifiers were sanitized after falling on the floor, blankets were washed constantly, my alarm was set to go off every two hours throughout the night to nurse, and Google was my BFF answering all my paranoid questions and fears.  Let's just say I'm a lot more laid back the second time around. I'm guessing by default little sisters and brothers grow up with some thick skin.  Not only do they get less attentive parents, but they endure quite a lot of abuse from their older sibling(s). Even when Parker is trying to be gentle and sweet, she can't help but enthusiastically jab Pippa's nose, and poke her in the eyes while stating, "NOSE, EYES!"  Or when she hears her sister crying, she runs to her yelling, "Uh-oh," and tries to shove the paci in Pippa's mouth.  Last week Parker was throwing a tennis ball for our dog and accidentally hit ... [ Read More ]

Master Bedroom Updates

Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom has been a work in progress since buying our house almost 2 years ago.  You can see some of the major work we've put into the room and what it looked like when we moved in here. I've been slow to get decorative pieces and artwork on the walls in any of the rooms in our home; this is probably the most "decorated" room in our house thus far.  I was searching for the right lamps to put on our nightstands forever.  So I was thrilled when I came across these beautiful lamps from Kenroy Home.  They were exactly what I was looking for!  I love the clear base and the textured lamp shade; they blend in perfectly with the style and colors of our bedroom. I really believe lamps and light fixtures can be that one item that helps transform a room and add so much character to it. Our room is pretty small and our closets are even smaller, which is why we are currently getting a custom built dresser to fit into this space pictured below.  Originally that was the entrance to ... [ Read More ]

Fashionable Nursing Wear + A Giveaway!

Belly Dance Maternity Nursing Top

I'm going to call myself fairly lucky when it comes to nursing.  I didn't have any major issues with Parker or Pippa; both latched on from the first day and my supply was always healthy. The only thing I suffered with was recurring plugged milk ducts the last 6 months or so with Parker, so I've been proactive with Pippa and started on lecithin supplements right away. When I had Parker I was a typical first time mom and didn't really leave the house for a month for fear of her catching something and getting sick, but now that I have a very active toddler, I have to get out of the house daily. It's pretty much the peak of summer in the PNW, so it's been crazy hot.  The heat, plus postpartum hormones, plus an 8 pound heater pressed against your body all day means I pretty much want to be naked all the time.  Most nursing tanks aren't really suitable to wear out in public which is why I'm so glad I came across these awesome nursing tops from Belly Dance Maternity.  Instead of the ugly ... [ Read More ]

Summer Days

Parker Penny

I'll be honest, it's not the newborn that's exhausting me, it's her very active 23 month old sister. I seriously look at people who work with toddlers for a living and wonder what is in their genetic makeup that I'm missing.  Toddlers (well at least my toddler) are on the go constantly.  And before she was one I could just tell she was what some call a "spirited" child.  I know once Pippa is older it will be great because Parker will always have a playmate, but until then I am constantly trying to wear this girl out.  Fortunately it's summer and the PNW is pretty ideal for exploring the outdoors, but we have a few days of rain in the forecast and then of course we have 9 months of rain (#PNWproblems) and I'm growing anxious about figuring out a routine that will work well for us. In the meantime, (when it's not raining at least) we're out and about exploring Tacoma and grasping on tightly to these warm summer days.  If you've got indoor tips to tire out a toddler I'm all ears! ... [ Read More ]

Pippa Grace // 2 Weeks Old

2 weeks old

There are so many things about the newborn stage that I have forgotten...mostly how floppy newborns are and how heart wrenching it is to hear a newborn cry when you're driving and you can't do anything about it.  But mostly just how wonderful it is.  I never want to put Pippa down. I'm so absolutely in love with this tiny human it makes my heart burst. With Parker being the first born, there was just a lot more fear and anxiety about being a parent; not to mention because of her hip dysplasia, she was in a Pavlik harness for the first 12 weeks of her life, which made learning to care for a newborn that much harder.  I didn't experience postpartum depression, but I was definitely distraught and incredibly sad and cried a lot in those first few weeks after Parker was born. I've been able to really enjoy and not take for granted simple things like seeing Pippa's tiny little feet (the harness covered Parker's).  Or bathing her (Parker's harness had to stay on 24/7 and we couldn't ... [ Read More ]