25 Weeks

25 Weeks Pregnant

Dress :: Shabby Apple  //  Cardigan & Tights :: Target  //  Shoes :: Toms  //  Scarf ::  Gift Watching a pregnant lady trying to take pictures of herself while her camera is on a self timer is pretty ridiculous. If my neighbors are watching I'm sure they're getting a good laugh.  I'm still trying to figure out how to adjust the focus, especially when I'm not against a flat background...anyone have any tips?  I feel like all my pics come out a bit blurry. Anyway, 25 weeks pregnant!  Geez, I'm kinda worried at how big my belly is gonna get, because I feel like a house.  Things are still going relatively well with the exception of back pain.  The amount of bending over you do keeping a house clean and chasing a 19 month old around is kinda ridiculous.  Every night I climb into bed and have to adjust a zillion times to get comfortable.  I will say, my pregnancy pillow has been a life saver.  I seriously don't know why I didn't get one of these during my first pregnancy. We still ... [ Read More ]


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I have no idea. He started it. Those babies look all innocent, but it was chaos I tell you. All my neighbors have amazing yards.  We have yet to touch ours since we moved in last year--I think our neighbors hate us. A whole lot of this going on lately.  But aren't her eyes gorgeous?Gus is trying really hard to tolerate this child. Happy hump day friends! ... [ Read More ]

Maternity Wear:: 2nd Trimester

maternity fashion

Maternity dress :: Old Navy  //  Chambray :: H&M  //  Shoes ::  Toms  //   Sunglasses ::  Calvin Klein     Necklace ::  Thrifted  //  Scarf  ::  Gift Sunny spring days in the PNW are pretty dreamy.  It's not quite warm enough to take a dip in the pool (especially since our pool heater isn't working because our pipes froze and busted this winter), but it's great 'sit out on the patio and chat about what the summer is gonna be like' weather.  I'm in the middle of my second trimester; the few weeks where pregnancy is pretty decent and the third trimester woes haven't hit yet.  It's also, pregnancy wise, pretty ideal for maxi dresses and skirts. As far as maternity wear goes, I'm pretty simple.  Most days it's leggings and a long tank or tunic.  I don't usually wear dresses and skirts when I'm not pregnant, but I have to admit, the non binding, flowy, looseness of a maxi dress is pretty ideal for spring.  I don't like wearing dresses when it's really hot, because of thigh chafing, ... [ Read More ]

24 Weeks

24 weeks pregnant

Not much has changed between 23 and 24 weeks, except for the few pounds I managed to gain--which went straight to my face.  I'm definitely looking puffy these days, which probably has more to do with my diet of ice cream and coco puffs vs. where I'm at in my pregnancy.  According to my 24 week update with Parker, ice cream was popular then too. We still haven't done anything for the arrival of baby #2...It's truly amazing the lax attitude we have about getting things prepared the second time around.  Apparently nesting hasn't set it quite yet.  We still haven't announced a name, only because we're afraid we'll change our minds again--but I think I'm pretty set on our most recent one. Sleep has gotten a little more difficult--I definitely have to sleep on my side the entire night.  I'm normally a back sleeper, but I find I wake myself up in the middle of the night when I've rolled to my back because I can't breathe. Also, the hourly peeing has begun which makes life a tad bit ... [ Read More ]

Abandoning It All For The Sun


I've never had an appreciation for sunshine and warmth like I do now. Growing up, my childhood was spent in Hawaii and Texas.  Then I moved to Southern California after college, so I've been pretty spoiled with sunny warm days. Moving to the PNW was hard for me.  It's still hard for me. But there truly is nothing more breathtaking than a warm, sunny day in Washington. My definition of warm has changed since moving here.  If it was 67 degrees in San Diego you’d find me in a beanie, scarf, sweatshirt and Uggs.  In Washington, if it’s sunny and 67 degrees, people start pulling out their shorts, tank tops and flip flops.  That’s what Monday of this week was like and with the exception of Parker’s nap, we spent the entire  day outside. Andy took a couple hours off of work to join us for a bit which was such a fun surprise.  This child goes nuts over her daddy.  She's also a fan of my sunglasses. She's already broken my favorite pair and she's working on destroying my backup. ... [ Read More ]

A Trip To Vashon Island

Vashon Island

My sister in law came to visit last weekend and that gave us the perfect excuse to make a day trip out to Vashon Island.  I've been in Tacoma for about 4 years and I've never made the 15 minute ferry ride out to visit, and I've been meaning to for awhile.  The morning we headed out the rain decided to stop and the clouds cleared to reveal a perfect sun-shiny morning.  Parker was loving the ferry ride and exploring the deck.  After looking up some reviews for a good spot for brunch, we stopped at The Hardware Store, and it did not disappoint!  The eggs were cage free and they had lots of gluten-free options.  We asked the waitress if there was anything we had to see, and she said Vashon Island is known for the "bike in the tree."  We were intrigued. We found the path and yep, there it was, a tree that had grown around a little boys bike--apparently there is a children's book written about it and a story that dates back to one of the world wars I believe.  We only explored the island for ... [ Read More ]

23 Weeks

23 weeks pregnant

I meant to post this on Friday, but I lost track of time because my sister in law was visiting, so this week, if I'm on top of things you'll get two bump updates. I'm definitely feeling my age.  I'm just 2 months away from turning 36, and boy does my body feel it.  It actually feels much older than 36.  I'm at the chiropractors office weekly because I somehow manage to tweak my back--often by just getting out of bed.  Also, I'm having a horrible issue with varicose and spider veins.  My right leg seriously looks diseased.  It's pretty much crawling with purple spider veins from my ankle to my knee and then my calf has these huge knotty veins bulging out of it.  It's not shorts weather quite yet, but I'll be my largest in the peak of the summer and I'm kind of self conscious of how gross my leg looks.  I just ordered a pair of compression tights on amazon, but man, they are sooooooooo tight and not very comfortable.  Has anyone else dealt with this during pregnancy? I haven't done ... [ Read More ]

The Best Husband Award Goes To…

A Great Husband

My husband has been working like crazy lately.  It's both a blessing and a curse to be self employed--you're the one who determines how hard you work every day, and my husband is a hard working man.  I've never really minded if he worked early mornings or late nights; I'm just so very grateful I was able to quit my job to stay at home with Parker. But lately the days I'm alone with Parker from the time she wakes up till bed time have been a little overwhelming.  I seriously don't know how single mothers and military wives do it. But my husband is amazing.  No matter how busy he's been after working all day, he acknowledges how hard I've  been working all day.  And when he does have a rare lull in his schedule, he offers to come home and take Parker off my hands mid day so I can sneak in a nap or run some errands.  Or if his first appointment isn't first thing in the morning, he'll wake up with our daughter so I can sleep in a bit. And before he heads off to work on Saturday ... [ Read More ]

A Conversation You Don’t Want to Have, But Must.

20 Weeks Pregnant

I read this article the other day while scrolling through Facebook, and it rocked me.  I'm not a suspicious person and I don't live my life in fear.  I'm not naive; I'm very aware of my circumstances and surroundings, but I choose to not be crippled by anxiety and worry of home invasion, theft, rape, and similar issues. Then I had a baby girl. And I'm hyper-aware of the day and age we live in; an age if child predators, kidnapping and sex trafficking, child pornography and the like.  Again, these realities don't overwhelm me on a daily basis, but I think about them every now and then and pray often for protection over my daughter.  But the thing that really got me in this article (which it wasn't really about), was the fact that the author was molested at age 7 by their neighbors good friends son, who was only described as "a much older boy." After church on Sunday while Andy and I were having lunch I told him about this article.  I said I of course worried about creepy ... [ Read More ]

March Rewind

March Recap

I feel like when you're pregnant time moves by so slow, but when you have a baby, it goes by like the speed of light.  So I'm shocked at how fast and slow March went by! Here are the highlights of my most popular blog posts this March. The halfway point of pregnancy--20 Weeks The latest on Parker Penny's hip dysplasia How I made and extra $2700 last month And don't forget to pin these recipes to your pinterest board to try out later--they are delish!  2 Ingredient crockpot teriyaki chicken  Slow cooker carnitas  Curry Chicken Salad So it's April!!  What are you most excited about this month? ... [ Read More ]