39 Weeks

39 Weeks Pregnant

I was pretty convinced I was going to go into labor last night--the same day Andy had his vasectomy.  I had contractions that kept me up most of the night, but nothing super painful or regular.  I made a trip to visit my midwife yesterday because I've had more "fluids" this time around than last.  The end of this pregnancy is happening very differently from my pregnancy with Parker.  I didn't have a single contraction with Parker until the day I went into labor.  I didn't have weird discharge, and my 'bloody show' arrived the morning I went into labor as well.  It was pretty clear cut with nothing concerning. This time around I've had contractions for weeks, blood tinged discharge, extra fluid which I feared might be amniotic fluid leaking (my appointment yesterday confirmed it was not).  But I'm still bleeding and I'm not sure how normal that is at this stage.  Yesterday the midwife confirmed all is normal and I was 60% effaced and 2 cm dilated.  Ideally this baby will hold on ... [ Read More ]

The Birth Plan

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My midwife asked me what my birth plan was last week.  I said 'show up, get an epidural and have a baby.'  It was pretty much the exact same birth plan I had for Parker.  The first time around I had no clue what to expect, all I knew was the fewer expectations I had of the whole experience, the better.  I actually chose not to take birthing classes and instead hire a doula because I honestly felt the less I knew about the experience before hand, the better.  I'm a worrier, and I knew having someone coach me (and my husband) through the process while it was happening was the best thing for me. Knowing all the things that could possibly go wrong would turn me into an anxious disaster. And honestly, minus the agonizing contractions before I got my epidural, I had a pretty quick and smooth labor--it was much better than I imagined it would be because I had no expectations.  This time around, now that I have an idea of what's to come, I'm trying to just relax and let things happen the ... [ Read More ]

38 Weeks + Another Belly Dance Maternity Giveaway!

Maternity Fashion Third Trimester

Tunic :: c/o Belly Dance Maternity // Leggings :: c/o BLANQI // Bag :: c/o Lily Jade // Hat :: Thrifted Photo Credit:  Micheal Kartes I'm not sure how it's possible, but I've been in crazy 'get things done' mode.  I thought for sure my last few weeks of pregnancy I'd be useless, but I've managed to get more done in the last couple of weeks than I have my entire pregnancy.  Andy and I have realized that we get the most accomplished when we're hosting a party or having a baby.  Since Andy is scheduled for his vasectomy next week, I'm guessing when we want to get future stuff done we'll be hosting more parties.  I know, getting a vasectomy 5 days before my due date is cutting it close.  Apparently urologists around here are booked for months in advance. As much as I want this baby to come early, it would be nice to actually finish our to do list and have a few days to actually just relax and wait.  But at the same time, I'm over heartburn, back pain, peeing every 10 minutes, swollen ... [ Read More ]

Nesting Times 10

Andy and I are in serious nesting mode.  We are finally doing all the things--all the things we've avoided for 36 weeks. Now at 38 weeks we've gotten half way through the list, but there is so much left to do.  Unfortunately doing all the things when you could go into labor any minute has proved to be quite challenging, but we're plugging away just as best as we can.  This has been the to do list for awhile that we finally started to check off: Paint 2 upstairs guest rooms Re-carpet upstairs Replace baseboard upstairs Buy bedroom furniture for one of the guest rooms Assemble furniture and decorate guest rooms Decorate Pippa's nursery Buy dresser for Parker's nursery Buy dresser for master bedroom Paint changing table for Pippa's nursery Organize laundry room Replace closet doors in master bedroom Wash and organize newborn clothes Order blackout blinds for Parker's nursery Buy kitchen island Finish re-staining and updating the deck Cut down and limb ... [ Read More ]

37 Weeks + A Belly Dance Maternity Giveaway!

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Tunic :: c/o Belly Dance Maternity // Sweater :: Target // Jeans :: Thrifted // Bag :: Lily Jade I'm in the home stretch now! Baby girl could arrive any day now, but I'm hoping she cooks just a little longer because Andy and I are buckling down and finally getting our to-do list checked off.  Every single day lately has been jam packed with task lists in addition to now seeing my midwife weekly and keeping Parker busy. I'm feeling surprisingly energized.  I definitely feel like I'm ready to pop any day now; my contractions sometimes stop me in my tracks.  I didn't have any Braxton Hicks with Parker until the day before going into labor, so it's caught me off guard how early they've started with this pregnancy.  I've had crazy insomnia every night because my mind has been racing thinking of all the change we're about to go through. We've been having crazy hot weather which is pretty challenging when you're 9 months pregnant.  This week we bought a portable AC for our bedroom ... [ Read More ]

Parker Penny :: 22 Months

22 months old

My Dear Sweet Parker Penny, It's hard to believe this is the last month you'll be an only child.  You amaze and surprise me every day; I can't believe how much you are capable of at this age. Your dexterity and physical abilities fill me with fear and pride as you climb your way to the top of the jungle gym at the playground, maneuver your way up anything with stairs, climb fences, jump without hesitation into pools or off ledges, and your love of throwing or hitting any type of ball. I have no doubt you'll excel in sports and think back to your first birthday when you chose the soccer ball amongst items that represent your future in the Korean tradition. Your dad and I actually have to spell words out now because you recognize every word that has to do with your favorite foods.  Especially C-O-O-K-I-E-S.  You just started telling us "I-la-you"  this last week which melts our hearts.  Your other favorite words are: Gus, Elmo, bird, moo, water, more, no, nigh-nigh, mom, mama, ... [ Read More ]

Where Memories Are Made

4th of July

Andy and I have a special place a few hours East that we take off to a couple of times a year.  Some family friends live on a beautiful pear orchard out in Cashmere Washington and they have a trailer behind the house that we are always welcome to.  It's a modest trailer in a picturesque setting in a small town known for apples and cotlets.  But more than that, it's a location that so many wonderful memories have been made.Before Andy and I met, Andy worked on that orchard 6 days a week with migrant workers just after getting back from working at orphanage in Central America.  He was saving up for seminary and spent the summer doing some of the hardest manual labor he's ever done.  A couple of years later we met, and our second date happened to be in that exact city where a good girlfriend of mine was getting married.  Andy and I had our first kiss up in that orchard. We also spent our first anniversary there, and have had multiple 'just need to get away' trips there. This was the first ... [ Read More ]

36 Weeks + Happy 4th of July!

36 Weeks Pregnant

Tunic :: Liz Lange Maternity // Shorts :: Thrifted // Hat :: Levi's // Bag :: LilyJade Wohoo!  I'm in the home stretch you guys and I absolutely cannot wait for little Pippa to arrive.  Even though there are still a million things left to do, experience has taught me that it will get done eventually.  She has a place to sleep and that's all that really matters. If she wanted to arrive early I'm OK with that.  This week it got brutally hot in the PNW and I'd prefer not to be so pregnant in the midst of it.  Most of this week went pretty well with the exception of me pulling my groin while lifting Parker.  I immediately went to the chiropractor to get adjusted, and thankfully after the adjustment, ice, and a day of rest, I woke up feeling so much better.  It's still tender but at least I can walk.  Then at my 36 week appointment my midwife was concerned with the baby's heart rate.  So I got hooked up for a stress test.  Fortunately the test confirmed all was ok...but I got a little ... [ Read More ]

Embracing Messy With Stylish Baby Wipes

Huggies Clutch n Clean wipes

It's pretty amazing to watch your toddler explore the outdoors and their fascination with all things dirty.  It looks like summer might finally be here to stay in the Pacific Northwest which means we will be outside every single day.  It also means Parker will be playing in the dirt, poking at bugs, digging for rocks, running barefoot, plus sticky ice cream and popcicle fingers. I used to be pretty OCD about making sure Parker went to bed squeeky clean with a bath every night.  I think a combination of being in my third trimester, the heat, long summer days, and often pulling into the driveway with Parker fast asleep from a fun day of play has made me perfectly content with what I call a "baby wipe bath."    You know what I'm talking about right? In fact, this summer, thanks to Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean stylish wipes always being within arms reach, Parker gets a few of these "baths" a day.  Keeping a toddler clean is impossible.  I've learned to embrace dirty feet, fingerprints on ... [ Read More ]

3 Things To Look For In a Diaper Bag

Lily Jade Diaper Bag

Skirt :: Thrifted // Tank Top :: Old Navy  // Cardigan :: CABI //Shoes :: TOMS  // Bag :: c/o Lily Jade I remember when I was putting together my first baby registry and was worried I wouldn't have everything I needed once the baby arrived.  Little did I know how many items would go unused or be a waste of money.  I didn't really research diaper bags too much because that was an item more for me than for the baby, so I chose my bag based on a few Amazon reviews.  And it was a terrible purchase.  You guys, your diaper bag is an essential item that you will use every single day. Now that I have a little more experience as a mom, I can say that without a doubt, the right diaper bag will make your life so much easier. You can thank me later because I've narrowed down your search.   The ultimate designer diaper bag is made by Lily Jade.  I know what you're thinking.  You think because they sent me a bag to review I HAVE to say that.  But the truth is my husband knew how badly I wanted ... [ Read More ]