Double The Fun With Joovy’s Too Qool Double Stroller :: Review

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Joovy Too Qool Double Stroller ReviewWhen I was pregnant with Pippa I debated and debated if a double stroller was a necessity or not.  After a couple of outings with both kids I realized quickly that I most definitely needed one.  I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Joovy and try out their gorgeous Too Qool double stroller, and mama’s, this thing is pretty flipping amazing.  And for those of you pregnant with just your first kiddo, you need to listen up as to why you should get this stroller too!

First of all, if your looking into double strollers, I suggest going to the store and testing a few out.  You’ll realize that a lot of the standard double strollers are clunky and difficult to maneuver.  The Joovy Too Qool is smooth like butter.  Every part of this stroller feels luxe and functions beautifully.

The age recommendation if you’re not using your car seat with the car seat adapter (which is sold separately) is 3 months old.  Pippa had just turned 3 months old the first day we used it (sans car seat) and she did great! Joovy Too Qool Double Stroller Review

Before I go too far into the review I want to make sure all you moms who are pregnant with their first or have just one kid read this too.  If you’re planning on having more than one this is a GREAT stroller to get now.  The seats are removable so you can use the stroller with one seat or both seats!  This can definitely be a stroller your family grows into. (And save space in your garage with just one stroller!)Joovy Too Qool Double Stroller Review

The first image above shows the stroller with just one of the seats (which can be faced either way with different reclining positions) A perfect stroller for only children.  The second image shows the most typical positions where both seats are facing forward.  And the last image shows the seats facing each other–this is how I currently use the stroller so I can look at Pippa while we walk.  Parker actually enjoys this position because she can see Pippa also.  I know it looks like the bottom rider might not have a lot of space, but I promise there is enough!Joovy Too Qool Double Stroller ReviewJoovy Too Qool Double Stroller ReviewThere are lots of other things about this double stroller that I love, including 10 beautiful colors to choose from.  Obviously with two girls hot pink was the best choice for us!  The seats are super high quality; they have a soft neoprene insert which is washable…all moms know ‘washable’ is a must with young kiddos.  A simple thing that I appreciate as a taller woman is the handle bar (which is covered in a hand stitched leatherette), is adjustable to 3 different positions to accommodate your height.  Have you ever pushed a stroller around all day that wasn’t tall enough for you?  Let’s just say it’s a good thing I have a great chiropractor.  And a few other great touches  include the seat and foot rests which also adjust to different positions so you can make sure your kids are perfectly comfortable.

Joovy Too Qool Double Stroller Review

The storage space underneath the stroller is maximized if you use the stroller as a single or if you still have a kid whose legs don’t go beyond the leg rest of the bottom seat.   If your toddler uses the bottom seat then your space is obviously reduced.  You still have plenty of room to stuff jackets and blankets, but definitely not enough room to store your diaper bag (unless you have a small one).  But I’ve always hung my diaper bag on the handle of the stroller for easy access anyway.

To store the stroller you can remove both seats for the most compact fold, or you can remove just the rear seat and fold it with the front seat still attached.  It took me a little bit of practice to fold it at first, but now it’s like second nature.  It takes up the same amount of space in my trunk as my single jogging stroller which is pretty impressive in my book.  The retail price of $799 reflects that of luxury double strollers (although a quick Google search will likely bring up more competitive prices on various online sites).  And if you get this as your stroller with your first I feel like you’d be getting a lot for your money for the extra time and use you’d get out of it.

You can purchase the Too Qool double stroller directly from their website but I’ve seen some deals for the Too Qool on also!  Make sure to connect with Joovy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with all their latest baby gear!

**Disclosure:  I was sent the Too Qool double stroller in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own and honest!

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The Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Pumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin Patchpumpkin patchPumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchWe’ve had quite the Indian summer here in the Pacific Northwest.  Sunday morning the weather forecast said it was going to hit 72 degrees.  But I feel like pumpkin patch pictures just look wrong unless your wearing flannel or bundled up.  So we all were sweating in our flannel but had a fantastic time running through the pumpkin patch and taking a little trip on a hayride.

See our visit from last year here.


Pippa Grace // 3 Months Old

Monday, October 20th, 2014

3 months old3 months old3 months old3 months oldI can barely believe it as I type this post that 3 entire months have passed by.  This sweet girl is such a joy.  She smiles often and is starting to vocalize a lot more.  She’s totally a mama’s girl.  She can rarely be comforted by anyone but me and decided she doesn’t want to take the bottle anymore.  I’m panicky about this because Parker REFUSED the bottle and we tried everything with her.  Andy and I are being diligent about making sure Pippa takes the bottle again because it sure makes it hard to go out on a date night if your baby is tied to your boob.  More importantly there are random circumstances like last week when I had dental work done and couldn’t nurse due to the Novocaine and baby girl needed to take a bottle and wouldn’t.  PLEASE PIPPA TAKE A BOTTLE.

Besides the bottle situation she is doing much better with naps and sleeping at night. Swaddling seems to do the trick (although she usually resists initially).  I know I’m extremely lucky–She’s averaged an 8 hour stretch of sleep this week which means I’m averaging at least 4-5 hours of continuous sleep per night. I know sleep regression is in our future so I’m savoring these sweet hours of slumber.

This is Parker’s 3 month update for comparison.



Friday, October 17th, 2014

2 years old2 years old2 years old2 years old2 years old

Well, more like 2 years 1 month and 1 week.  I’ve had this post in my drafts for awhile…I kept meaning to go out and take pictures of Parker with my fancy camera, but doing anything extra with an infant in virtually impossible, so I finally just snapped some pics with my iphone.  I don’t do weekly or monthly updates on Parker any more, but I wanted to record some milestones and remember what my darling girl is doing and saying at this age.

It’s actually quite mind blowing what happens developmentally at two.  It’s amazing what kids are capable of.  I really wish I was more of the teacher type because this girl just soaks everything in and understands so much.

Physically she’s pretty impressive.  I don’t want to brag on my kid, but everyone comments on her athleticism.  She is fearless, bold, has endless energy, and a friend described her as having athletic intelligence.  I’m 100% sure I’m going to be a soccer mom–I guess I better learn to like soccer.

She is coping fairly well with having a little sister (things have improved drastically in just the last month). Most of the time she is smitten with her and wants to hold her and kiss her constantly.  She’s also developing compassion.  When her sister cries she runs to her and says sweetly, “don’t cry sissy, don’t cry.” I see her often mimicking me in her crib with her doll…from “nursing” her doll to rocking her.  It’s pretty darn sweet.

Her vocabulary grows every day and her ability to string short sentences together is getting better and better.  She’s pretty good at naming colors, counting, and repeating absolutely everything we say.  Every day I’m surprised by a new word she’s using–I guess all the PBS we’ve been watching isn’t that bad.

She’s a great sleeper at night. She’s usually in bed by 8pm and wakes up anywhere between 630 and 730.  Her naps however are all over the board.  I would say she averages about a 90 minute nap.  But at least 2 days a week they are barely an hour, and every now and then she surprises me with a glorious 3 hour nap.

She still hates it when I put anything in her hair.  Her hair is really long and constantly in her face; if I can get a barrette in her hair we call it good. She hates getting dressed.  Every morning when I pick out her outfit she runs away from me and it’s a struggle to get clothes on her–she turns into a wet noodle. I had to bribe her with fruit snacks to get her to wear that scarf.

She has also been extremely picky with food for the past few months.  Meal time I would say has been our biggest struggle.  What she likes to eat changes from day to day; the only thing that hasn’t changed is her love of sweets.  She literally wakes up saying “cookies.”  Her favorite phrase when trying to feed her is “I don’t like it.”  Somehow she’s managing to grow living mostly off raisins, crackers and macaroni and cheese.

Undercover Mama Review & A Giveaway

Thursday, October 16th, 2014


Undercover Mama Nursing TanksUndercover Mama Nursing Tanks

Undercover Mama Nursing Tanks

Yep, that’s my postpartum belly, and I’m ok with it.

Undercover Mama Nursing Tanksundercover mama nursing tankI feel like in just 2 years since Parker was born, the baby/nursing/mama industry has just blown up.  Either I was just clueless to all the cool things out there when I had Parker, or they were just recently developed.  Either way I love sharing cool new stuff that I learn about with my readers.  The Undercover Mama is such a simple solution to such an annoying nursing issue.

It feels like wardrobe options are severely limited when you’re nursing.  If you are wearing a nursing bra and a top that doesn’t unbutton, when you lift your shirt up to nurse you expose most of your belly, your side and part of your back.  Which is especially annoying when you’re outside and it’s a little chilly.  Most nursing moms wear nursing tanks to avoid this issue, but nursing tanks aren’t really a one size fits all. For busty women (this is not my issue at all), it’s hard to find nursing tanks that fit correctly, and for myself (who is the opposite of busty), I have the issue of having a really wide bust line (but a small bust).  So most tanks are way to tight along my bust line, but too large on my bust.

What’s great about the undercover mama is you can find the perfect size nursing bra that fits you just right, and simply attach the tank to your bra which allows you to wear a perfect fitting bra and  get the coverage you need while nursing.  The other thing I love about it is it’s length.  All my nursing tanks are short.  This tank covers my bum which is perfect, because we all know postpartum = yoga pants.  Undercover MamaThere are a ton of colors to choose from and I’ve partnered with Undercover Mama to give one away to one lucky reader!  Enter below!
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Just Between Friends

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Just Between Friends #jbf253One of the things I really miss about my life pre kids is thrifting.  I used to stop by thrift shops weekly to find hidden treasures.  A lot of my old blog posts were about my thrifting finds. Now, stopping anywhere, even for groceries, is a hassle because my kids are in tow.  That’s why I’m super excited about the Just Between Friends consignment sale going on at the Puyallup Fairgrounds October 16th-19th. I went for the first time this summer and came home with a pretty decent haul of goodies.  It’s a one stop shop for all things baby and kid related and perfect for us busy moms.

This summer when I attended there were rows and rows of baby equipment, toys, and more clothes and shoes than you can imagine.  This time around I’m hoping to stock up on some fall and winter clothes and shoes for both my girls and a some Christmas gifts too.

I have two big tips to share if you are going to attend.

1.  Dress comfortably and bring either large reusable bags or something to pull your haul in.  I saw quite a few gals pulling their items in radio flyer wagons and I think I might do the same this year as I’ll be wearing Pippa.  I’m leaving Parker with a baby sitter and I would highly suggest doing the same if you have toddlers.

2.  Make a list of things you want/need in order of importance and what you’re willing to pay for those items so you can prioritize where you’ll look first.  It can be a little overwhelming if you’re a first timer, and it will be helpful to know what you’re looking for so you’re not distracted by all the stuff.

If you’re local and interested in coming you can find the full calender with dates and times here.

Do you love thrifting? What are some of your best baby/kid finds?

**Disclosure** I received a gift certificate to the event in exchange for my post.  All opinions are 100% my own and true.  

Fall Was Delivered To My Doorstep

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

The Bouqs CoInstagram is overflowing with oranges, reds and yellows and full of fall and Halloween decor. It’s halfway through October and I’m sitting here un-showered, with a baby in one arm, covered in spit up, praying my toddler doesn’t wake up from her nap for at least another hour and wondering if I need to start putting Christmas stuff up now to guarantee it will be ready by Christmas morning.

Maybe next year I’ll find the time to decorate for fall, but in the mean time, I had the opportunity to partner with a pretty cool new online flower company called The Bouqs, and had a little bit of fall decor delivered right to my doorstep.

I first saw The Bouqs Co. featured on Shark Tank last year and was intrigued.  Their flowers come from eco friendly, sustainable farms off the side of a volcano in Equador.  The flowers are farm fresh and received 2-4 days after they’ve been cut vs. 10-14 days from typical flower companies.

I also love the simplicity of their set up.  Shipping is always free, there are 3 sizes of “bouqs” to choose from and there are no cheesy upsales. But the very best and unique part of what they do is their concierge service.  If you are the type of person who sends flowers for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays and know those dates in advance, if you sign up for their concierge service you get 25% off all of those orders.  This is just brilliant in my opinion–because if you’re like me you end up ordering flowers last minute and paying  ridiculous rush fees.

I ordered “The Great Pumpkin” which was a bouquet of beautiful orange lillies. I specifically chose this bouquet because, well, this might be the only fall decor I can manage this year.  I actually loved that the flowers arrived unbloomed.  Overnight they started to bloom and it will be nice to have delivered flowers that last more than a few days!The Bouqs Co

The Bouqs Co.

How flowers looked on first day of arrival

The Bouqs Co

Nothing says fall like orange lillies, coffee and a crock pot right?

I love that The Bouqs Co. is putting a fresh new spin on traditional online flower services and their site is straightforward and simple.  I’ve set up my concierge service so I never forget an important date again!  Who do you know that needs flowers?  Or if you’re like me, order some for yourself and have your fall decor delivered to your doorstep!

**Disclosure** I was sent a bouquet of my choosing for review.  Of course all opinions are 100% my own and sincerely truthful.  Affiliate links are used in this post. 

Pippa Grace :: 11 Weeks Old

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

11 Weeks Old

11 Weeks Old

{Onesie c/o The Little Bag of Tricks }

This past week we definitely hit a rough patch.  We had a few days with an inconsolable little baby; and there is nothing more heartbreaking/frustrating than not being able to settle your screaming infant. I pulled the swaddle back out (which she seems to hate), but that seemed to do the trick as far as settling her and helping her sleep in longer stretches during nap time.  On a positive note, once I finally was able to get her to sleep at night, we’ve had a few days where she’s been sleeping in 7-8 hour stretches which has made a world of difference in my ability to function the next morning.

Her eyes are still a beautiful blue and her hair still sticks straight up and is her claim to fame.  I actually had a mom in line behind me at the store say, “Is that Pippa?”  She’s a local mom who follows me on Instagram…it was pretty hilarious that she recognized Pippa.

I’m hoping these rough days are due to a growth spurt and we’ll be having some better days upon us soon! Want to see Parker at 11 weeks?  Click here.

DIY Washi Tape Wall Decal

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

TITLEdiy washi tape wall decaldiy washi tape wall decaldiy washi tape wall decal
diy washi tape wall decalWhen we transitioned Parker out of the teeny side room off our master, I wanted to redo the decor and keep it really simple.  Parker’s decor was vintage themed and this time I wanted a simple black and white nursery that would transition well to an office once Pippa outgrows it.  We opted to use our 4moms play yard with the bassinet instead of purchasing a new crib and painted an old desk black.  My decor style is transitioning to a “less is more” and I just wanted a few simple things on the wall.

I was inspired by this post to create a wall decal.  I didn’t have it in me to do an entire wall, so I drew out this little decal on a piece of paper and thought it would be perfect!

My walls are not flat, they are textured and so far I haven’t had any issue with peeling. I used this washi tape, a wall level, and scissors.  That’s it!

I followed Emily’s instructions and cut the washi tape into 2 inch pieces and spaced each cross 2 inches from each other.  I used a level, and marked the wall where I wanted each vertical side of the cross to be.  Once those lines were drawn, I simply lined the washi tape up with the lines.  I just eyeballed placing the horizontal piece of washi tape, it’s not exact, but it still turned out great.  Emily suggested using a credit card to smooth out the tape (which I did) and blow drying the tape to finish it off (I left off that step because I ran out of time).

I love how it turned out…best $3 project I’ve ever done!

If you love this idea too, make sure to pin it or share it!


Let There be (Filtered) Light

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

solar shades from

When we bought our house, one of the features that sold us on it was the mid century floor to ceiling windows that span a good portion of the back wall. We bought our house in the winter, and in the Pacific Northwest, you can count on gray skies and darkness by 4pm. Having these windows allowed as much light as possible to pour into our home, which was awesome when you get minimal light in winter. However, by the time summer rolled around and the sun was out until 9pm, we realized the heat and light pouring in was less than ideal.  And trying to find window coverings for floor to ceiling custom made windows from 1967 was also proving to be difficult. We needed to find solar shades that would block the light and heat, especially because the light pours through straight into our living and play area.  By 5pm if we were sitting in the living room we would all be sweating.

blinds3cordless blindscordless blindscordless blinds

Cordless blinds

And here you get to see what windows look like if you have kids. They are smudged and filthy all the time.

When you have young children, you can’t just think about color and style, you have to think about safety also.  Which meant for our windows, cordless was the best option (shutters or drapes didn’t make sense for our windows).  And because our windows are so high, we opted for motorized solar shades.  Because we have a decent view, I also wanted shades that didn’t completely block it, so I chose the Signature Solar Shades in Pale Grey from

solar shades from blinds.comsolar shades from blinds.comsolar shades from solar shades from blinds.comsolar shades from blinds.comsolar shades from blinds.comThe difference these solar shades make is remarkable.  You can see the drastic difference on the light hitting the floor and furniture in the before and after picture at the top of this post.  We absolutely love that we can be sitting on the couch and with the touch of a button block the sun, yet maintain our view.  And the best part is that there are no cords at all, especially since the windows are right next to the our daughter’s play area.

Did you know there is a Window Covering Safety Council?  Child safety is a serious concern when it comes to blinds. has a Safer for Kids Blinds and Shades sale happening all through the month of October if you are in the market to buy or upgrade your current blinds. There are so many blinds and shades to choose from–sun shades, solar screens, vertical blinds, black out shades, cellular shades, draperies and more…if you’re not sure what the best choice is, here is a great chart to help you choose the right blinds for your family!

child safety infographic

Do your windows need to be updated with child safe window coverings? I’ve partnered with to giveaway one lucky Discovery Street reader $100 gift card to  Enter below!

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And check out the website for a chance to win $2500 towards new blinds!

Want to see more of our home?  Click here.

**Disclosure:  Blinds were provided by  I purchased accessories to accompany blinds.  No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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